Accurate & Honest Assessments of Risk
taking into account today's Changing Environment

Risk is something you think insurance companies handle accurately.  Consider for a moment Hurricane Florance and
Kīlauea, the active shield volcano which had destroyed homes and changed the face of the Big Island.  

We have been thinking in terms of temporary for all human construction.  It is time for this to change because the risk to human life and the monetary and time costs for replacing homes, business and infrastructure is too high to tolerate.  
The Insurance Industry is engaging in risky business practices today.  The  risks which threaten us are too large for one company to handle along by trading risk among themselves. 

We analyzed the problem and there are better ways to ensure the safety of humanity while moving to sustainable solutions.  .  Lincoln's provides for this in ways the insurance industry has never even considered. 

Human tools come in all kinds.  Insurance is a tool, but in its present form it is not doing the job which needs to be done.  We can solve this problem.  Lincoln's is one part of that solution.  Here is what needs to happen.

1. What are the real risks?  Range of impact?  Secondary threats?  
2. How can these risks be handled in advance?  
3. Where should investments go to ensure these changes take place?

Making investments better means allowing people who have capital to invest in the changes which lower risk and the always looming dangers to human life and well-being.  To this end, we assess risk, looking dispassionately on the potential for danger existing and issue Ratings which allow investors who direct their capital to where it will reduce risk and so ensure they will earn an honest profit for the loan of capital.  Capital is a tool, one which can be directed in ways which lower the rising threat from pollution, industrial hazards, unseen dumps by corporations, risky practices and more.  At Lincoln's we take everything into the count and let investors know the facts along with our Ratings.  

Risk Assessment Opportunities
The stability of investments, loans and other transactions hinge on market stability over all and on the risks of loss for capital being invested in every transaction.  Ignoring risk on a systemic basis is at the core of today’s corrupt economy.  This can be changed by providing the best possible information on companies, organizations and government and the individuals who are decision-makers for these. 
By so doing, we can move transactions and investments to a free market.  Risk, and it’s direct and essential relationship to stable and reliable profits and market impact will turn a bright light on decisions now being made in the murkiness of hype and speculation.  Having the facts makes all the difference in the world.   Below is a link to three examples of cases which are yet unpublicized from our own research which document risk-liability, and criminal charges for entities, including individuals, corporations and government which amount to over $1Trillion. 

Proctor and Gamble  vs
Trian Fund Management, L. P.  

By putting like-minded people together to learn from each other, compete, build, and share the need and potential for a better work which the new technologies using geopolymer materials and others with extended longevity, we can put this essential change into fast forward.  This is the role Deep Green Futures has taken on and why they partner with Lincoln's Risk-Registry.  It takes many working to enact change fast enough to ensure the security of humanity.  

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