Dave Lincoln
Dave was 14 years old when two PR executives from Texaco walked into his Scout group to persuade those who seemed useful to 'learn about the oil industry.'  At the time, Dave's interests were focused on other parts of science, but the field trips and opportunity to learn more changed the direction of his interests.  
     Dave was well-spoken and in 1969 went on the radio to explain and defend the oil industry during the first Santa Barbara Oil Spill. 
After graduating from USC with a degree in Petroleum Geology, Dave made the Oil Industry his career, working for all of the Seven Sisters around the world.  But as he rose through the ranks we began to see the real agenda being carried out by the Oil Industry.  For a while, he hoped he could change the calloused disregard for the damage being caused, but unable to persuade them to any change, he left.  The immediate cause was being ordered by Ken Lay to build a pipeline across a pristine forest in Malaysia.