Humanity has demonstrated a constant tendency to either ignore, minimize or under estimate the risks which confront them is specific settings.  This is due to both the lack of accurate information about the risks and the human tendency to overlook or minimize known risks.  We are human.  A developer will not be living in the house which will topple into flood waters; a building location close to what is deemed necessary which is less expensive entices buyers with limited resources to risk safety for immediate benefits.  
        Part of the challenge Lincoln's meets is to find building technologies which meet the needs of such locations to be used while preserving safety.  Our rating system takes into account all of the conditions which present risk, including previous human usage which has injected toxic conditions.  
        As technologies have made improved remediation available we cite these as the means necessary for reducing risk to adjacent land, water and air, including them in the calculation for the location in question and those adjacent.  As you see below, our system for rating is color coded for quick understanding.